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Accommodation facilities in the district of Forlì

Places that you shouldn't miss are: the Maestà bridge, the four watch-towers and -last but not the least- the tower and the Portinari palace, where Dante Alighieri and Beatrice Portinari are said to have met. Lovely walks through the old alleys full of flowers and people, refreshing bathing by the riverside "La Chiusa"- place of bathing tourism-will make unforgettable your summer stay in Portico.
Recently a vast expanse of woods around Portico has been turned into National Park-"The National Park of Foreste Casentinesi"-where it's possible to go on excursion and to admire local specimens of flora and fauna: wolfs, deers, wild boars, wild orchids.
A few kilometers away from Portico there are many others places of touristic interest: in the same district of Portico, by the hamlets "Bocconi" and "San Benedetto", there are many noteworthy sites.
In Bocconi, a waterfall overtopped by an ancient three-arched bridge, ideal place for river-bathing lovers and for the enthusiastics of water sports like boat-racing.
In San Benedetto the famous and impressive waterfall "Acquacheta", extolled by Dante Alighieri in the Divina Commedia (Inferno, canto XVI), and the picturesque "Poggio", in which you will find the Benedictine abbey build about in the IX century.
Just few kilometers away from Portico, in the nearby district of Tredozio, on a hill called "Monte della Busca", and exactly at "Inferno", lies "the smallest volcano of the world", actually a gaseos emission of hydrocarbon perpetually burning, very impressive especially in the summer nights.
From Portico you can easily reach cities around there such as Forlì, Florence, Ravenna, Faenza, and also the well-known places of the Adriatic coast.

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In Portico di Romagna, a little medieval town that lies among the hills of the Apennines, between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, is placed the Hotel-Restaurant "Al Vecchio Convento".

The Hotel-Restaurant
has been set up in a beautiful nineteen-century palace belonging to one of the most ancient family of the town.
Still today all the rooms, though equipped with all the facilities, keep the original features, with due respect both to the surrounding environment and to the tradition.

The family-owned Hotel direction
ensures a really smart and yet informal atmosphere, bringing the guest to get in touch with the green of the Casentinesi Forests, with the warmth of the regional traditions and with the friendly attitude of the people that live in those beautiful places.
The term "creative cooking" indicates at best the features of this kind of cooking, in which the typical seasonal dishes are revised with imaginative simpleness and fast-cooked, to enhance every single flavour at his best.



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